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Does anyone have any info on the Crestworth Cosmos please?
I'm especially interested in the one with NO ridges or lines on the cap and base.
I recently got one and i'd like to know its history, i'm not looking because I want to sell it, I just want to know more about it.

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Very interesting. The cup and cap are distinctly different from others I've seen.
There's no circular ridge on the cup or cap.
Is the base slightly depressed where the stem attaches to it, or is it flat across?
Is the electrical plug UK style or French style (two round metal prongs).?

I've attached a copy of a sale brochure. As far as I know these lamps were made by Crestworth and marketed in France.
Has anyone seen one with a UK style electrical plug?
Hi, I can't tell you if the base is depressed or flat as the lamp is all packed up at the back of a cupboard, I will check later, I seem to think it's flat.
I'd say it's flat as i've just looked at some of the other photos I took of it to show the guy at the "Flow of Lava" website.
If you want I can post them on here for you to examine.
It came with a bayonet type plug, the type that fits into a standard light fitting.
I can remember my mother using one of these to power an iron, it's a wonder she never burnt the house down, LOL.
Anyway let me know about the pics.
Looks like Crestworth UK wiring. Very interesting...
I know, I couldn't believe it when I got it for £1.50 at a Car Boot Sale.
There are a few marks and a dent on it, but it's lovely.
I like the old switch on it too.
Last week I got a Copper Astro Nordic in pristine condition for £3.00, another good day.
I also have a Blue Anodised Telstar lamp, I got that for £8.00.
It's been a very good year so far, all I need now is to get a Lunar and a Millenium Telstar cheap, LOL.
shit... where do you find these bargains.. ??????
Hi Daniele, as if......LOL.

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