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So, I know that the older Lifespan Brands lamps are well, not very good...but how are the new Schylling lamps in comparison?  I just purchased a rather nice looking (imo) 16.3 from Spencer's online and I'm a little nervous about when it arrives. I've had some terrible experiences lately with getting lamps and have wasted quite a bit of money on having to trash failed attempts at trying to de-cloud things.  I have two lamps currently, both from the Lifespan era that I absolutely love (apparently I got lucky) and hope that the new lamp will be just as nice.

Any experience is welcome.  I want to know the good and the bad, as well as how long I can expect it to last.

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Just purchased a 16.3 52 oz Schylling a few days ago. It was in perfect order. No cloudiness. Flows good. Takes forever to get going though. It's not bad at all. Typical cheap materials for the base/stand of course, but thats nothing you didn't already know about I'm sure. Btw, instead of giving up on your cloudy lamps and throwing them away, you should purchase a GooKit and simply redo them. If you know what your doing, you can make them look nicer than when you originally bought them.
I actually redid the 52 oz lamp I mentioned. It was a personal choice, not because of defect or anything. I purchased the purple fluid with black/dark purple wax and you literally could not see anything moving inside because the colors were too dark. So I redid it with my Gookit. Looks fantastic now!

I second what KittenChops said. I have (2) 52oz, one of them had poor flow, really slow, and only 1 massive blob would rise and fall at a time the other was a little cloudy. The cloudy one's flow was good just not perfect with regards to fluid density and blobs lingering up top too long. I added more Magma Tower goo to both, filtered the master fluid with a coffee filter, and tweaked the water density a little. They've both improved immensely.

Recently, I bought the 52oz peacock model off ebay thinking I was getting a no longer manufactured model only to learn Spencer's Gifts started selling that model again--big mistake. It's one of those hand painted color tinted globes----they're a gamble be careful of them, take the globe out of the box and inspect before you buy...  Mine was way too saturated with paint, I could barely see the lava flowing. Dude who sold it had only pictures of it with the camera flash on, so you could see the lava, snakey ebay seller...        Anyway I went to a local Spencer's bought a brand new peacock, and swapped the trash one into the box. I exchanged it for that Gold/Blue agate 32oz. That one is a really nice painted base and cap, the lava color does not look like the box picture, still beautiful, different, and very clear. I kind of want to swap gold or blue metallic lava into an empty 32oz I haven't filled yet and stick that in the gold/blue base and cap.

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