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I have been trying to buy a lava lamp in hong kong but I couldn't find anything. Tried eBay but they wouldn't ship to the us

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eBay won't ship to the US, or they won't ship to Hong Kong? Isn't there a Hong Kong eBay?
I don't know. The only hong kong auction website I know is yahoo auction...
Cool thanks
UPDATE: TrieD eBay Hong kong but they only sell rip-off fake (glitter) lamps...:(
Now deciding on wether a Fluidium or a Telstar or a Smart Astro...
Wow it looks like if the lamps from Lava Lite really sucks
The NEW LavaLite stuff sucks. Anything prior to 2000 is good. :)
UPDATE: I'm hopeless! I'm trying to find a Mathmos 'smart' astro (the one with a LED light and temp regulation (now when does it come out in hong kong?):(
You are going to have a very hard time buying a pre 2003 lava lite brand lava lamp in hong kong. If you are willing to pay the shipping for one I may sell you one. The shipping will be very expensive.

Autumn: Is the Mathmos smart astro (The LED light one) out yet?


Autumn: Are mathmos lamps way more expensive that lava lite's (aka worst manufacturer ever)

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