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Hello !

Have been working on changing out the water/wax on my Century 100 and noticed that the bottom of the globe is cracked. 

Is this globe worthless now or is it possible to still use it without risk of fracturing completely?

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It's dead.  Not safe at all.  Hopefully the cap isn't broke.  Save it if you can, along with the o-ring seal.  Also the spring/coil from the bottom of the bottle.  Caps are very hard to get.

Thanks for your reply but Awww...what a disappointment. Well, the cap has already been super glued and repainted so that's ok

I've been searching for used globes but think that's gonna be hard to find too!

Are the Century 100 globes interchangeable with other globes that may be easier to find?

I don't know how this happened, I was so careful. Bummer bummer.

I concur that bottle is not safe to use with heat any longer. Sorry to see.

I am sure someone will chime in with regards to the century bottles but I have to assume either the current 32oz or 52oz is compatible.

Let someone confirm though :)

The 52 oz bottles are indeed compatible but they're not screw tops, so you would need the cover cap also.  Keep an eye out on ebay, they do show up sometimes.

Thank you both for your quick and knowledgeable responses!

Next question is:

I've been hearing about the difference between US and China lamps regarding 'clearness and flow' and wonder if I can just buy a new lamp from any store, switch out the water for distilled or fog machine fluid, use my vintage wax and hopefully have a lamp that is as clear and beautiful as my now dead one? I figure any new lamp will have the soda pop type cap, right?

The new 52oz models from china flow pretty nicely. Definitely much better than the new 32oz. I think it has more to do with the amount of room the lava has to do its thing. Do they compare to the U.S. models probably not but decently close

Now with regards to the glass quality on the new 52oz bottles. I think it's hit or miss, however, if you go to a spencers gifts and you have one near you, they will take the bottle out for you to inspect. All I did was ask as I told them I want to make sure they liquid wasn't cloudy but really it was for liquid check and glass check.

Also if you use a new bottle, the hose clamp technique works well to reseal the bottle. Believe it or not, I ruined one and my friend gave me a perfect Guinness bear bottle cap and it work perfectly lol.

To take the metal bottle cap off DO NOT USE A BOTTLE CAP REMOVER, it will for sure ruin the metal cap. Use a small flat head screw driver and slow pry up the edges as you make your way around.

I have played with many new bottles converting them to glitter so if you buy a new bottle and need help let me know.

What Kero said

But I do use a bottle cap remover  I go around the cap lifting it very slightly in a bunch of places until it is loosened.  Yes, I have ruined a cap or two.  Good news is any cap of that type can be used, except for the ones you get at a craft store because they don't have a liner to actually make the seal.

If your wax was good before then you should be able to make a proper "master fluid".  Just realize it can take trial and error.

Great info! Thank you so much!

Yes. No bottle opener! And I'll pick up a clamp and see how that works!

Found a globe just 30 minutes from me and hope I can get this rebuild soon!

Thank you all for your kind assistance!

I'm gonna sound like an idiot, but:

I thought my globe was a 32 oz. But when transferring water to a measuring cup realize it holds a total of 48 fluid oz. 

Where does 52 come from?


The larger bottle that is used on the Century base, as well as the Aristocrat base, has been called 52 oz for a long time so that's where it comes from.

Does the 48 oz include the water AND wax?  That could be the difference.

Elaine Schoendorf said:

I'm gonna sound like an idiot, but:

I thought my globe was a 32 oz. But when transferring water to a measuring cup realize it holds a total of 48 fluid oz. 

Where does 52 come from?


I think 52oz is for the total volume of the bottle probably wax and fluid included. Just imagine it empty, that would probably be 52oz of space. Just a hunch.

I filled the empty globe, just water to about 1 inch from the very top rim.

Filled up a 2 cup measuring cup with 16 ounces 3 times.

Wonder if that extra 4 ounces was from the water in the 'neck' of the bottle that wouldn't ordinarily be there?

Still doesn't make sense

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