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I suspect someone redid my 75 coachlight.. is gookit lava clear ?

The coachlight lanturn i bought months ago always looked very strange to me..  The lava hests up at 90f and starts to flow at that temperature..  The lava is red when cold with the light off but when its hot with the light off looks almost black ( still red eith the light on though)  when its flowing it looks seethrough and clear...  Looks very very strange.   Deff isnt 70s lava.  Nore does it look like any of the 10 modern chinese lamps i have.

Since it flows at 90f when the lamp is at a normal temp of around 110f or so all the wax just sits on the top..  While its flowing it just makes like 4-5 very round blobs that are so Jelly like consitancy it looks strange.

The only way i can describe the way this lava looks is like red clear jello..  In fact it looks just like red clear Jello..

Ive done some research on gookits and ive seen more then enough pictures of it now to be convinced this is a gookit lamp... Alot of pics the gookits lava is clear like jello consistancy... 

am i right on this ??  I dont like this globe at all tbh..   Thinking of removing the liquid and that crap lava and swapping it for chinese lava... 

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^^ My gookit lamps overheat way to quickly on 40watt bulbs. That is why I don't use them that often. I say get a 52oz lamp from spencers with the color wax you want and redo the lamp with lava lamp wax, surf and water and ENJOY your lamp. No sense leaving it like that if you don't like it.
Just swap the globe, not the contents
You can do that but doesn't his lamp have the older style bottles?? I don't have a coach lamp so don't know.
Goo kits run at lower temps
When overheated they turn almost transparent
Just buy a 52oz lamp and swap the globe

Ima just buy a 52oz but i wont swap the globe..  This is the original 75 globe sticker still in it.  Just gonns swap the wax between the two....

Time to start melting wax on the stove again lol


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