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Hello! First post here but prior lurker. 

I have an intertek lava lamp that’s got flaky water. It was fine a few years ago when I last ran it, but now that I’m running it regularly, that’s the problem I’m running into.

It also seems to be overheating much faster than my lava lites, so I’ll be hooking it up to a dimmer soon to see if it helps with that. 

My first question is- has anyone here successfully opened this brand lamp up before? It seems to have a different style cap than other lamps, and I’m curious on how to go about opening and then resealing it. 

Second question is- would I just filter the liquid through a coffee filter to remove the flakes? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth trying to fix this lamp as the bright orange lava in the clear liquid just looks so pleasing. I’m bummed out that not running it for a few years caused this to happen, but I guess it’s expected from a cheaper (?) lamp.

I have a goo kit and dye ordered, so worst case scenario I’ll just redo the whole lamp. 

I will post pics if needed. Thanks for any insight!

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