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So it seems the grande glass is cracked...  Simething doesnt look right..  It got this divot or some inperfetion stuck in the glass on the outsude that i can scrape with my nail and it stops my nail.. Looming closer i see a slanted line through the glass there.. but i cant tell if this is a crack or just the glass molded weird in this spot.

Here are a few pics. 

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Based on the first photo that seems to be the most informative, I would say it was a mold issue or just a production defect. I don't think that is a crack per say.

All the globes have them too all 3 of mine.

Kinda freaky man.. doesnt instill much confidence

Remember all the grande globes are hand blown I believe. They are never going to be perfect. I have 4 new grandes, all the bottles have little issues here and there but I'm not worried.

If it were a crack, I assume it would grow over time.

they seem too perfect to be hand blown, but i could be wrong lol..  I dont see the seem on them like 52-32 oz bottles..  I just wanted be sure these weird looking vertical lines dont blow up my lamp on my desk and destroy my 1,000$ computer and $400 monitor lol

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