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I bought one and made a glitter lamp out of it. If someone on here grabs this, I can do that again (and make it look old) or I can tell them how I did it.

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Yes, Bohdan. The liquor bottle has a black plastic screw-on cap and matching screw-on base pedestal, both with a cheap gold finish. I filled mine with glitter solution, drilled a tiny hole in the side of the base and added a very thin vintage 60s cord/plug and one of those tiny festoon sockets that screws onto the cord to make the electrical connection. It takes a 7-watt night light bulb, and I added a cone of aluminum foil inside the base, both as a reflector and to keep the bulb from resting against and warping the plastic. The bottle is similar in shape to the "teardrop" Hot Rock Lites and to the Evian bottles, save that the cap comes to a flat, blunt tip with a concave indent.

Here's mine. In a thread in which it was pictured as part of my lava pyramid, I called it a very rare Spire series 300 by Starbright Lighting, circa 1967, in the rare green color...but, really, it's just a cool whiskey bottle I made into a lamp. I usually despise the transparent, irridescent glitter, but I tried it in this and somehow it looks more 'ethereal', and almost as if it could be vintage. I only had enough to fill it most of the way, leaving a 1 1/2" air gap, but it just looks like some of the contents evaporated.

If anyone buys this, I may have an extra screw-on festoon socket. I buy them whenever I find them.
Very cool looking lamp.

Bohdan... Please, trust me: don't try to make a lava out of this. The base will melt. I added the cone of tinfoil inside mine because the SEVEN-WATT bulb I put in it started to warp the plastic where it was touching.

Glitter is the way to go - use a 7-watt nightlight bulb, NO BIGGER, and put a protective cone of foil around it.

Me, I preferred to use a non-corrosive solution, too, i.e. generic glitter, rather than French/Wizard/GemLite liquid which is chlorinated solvent or freon. For aesthetic reasons, I used a vintage 60s cord and plug. If you have trouble finding a candelabra-based socket that'll fit in there, I'll try to mail you one of mine.

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