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Hello everyone, me again, with more questions, never any solutions! Today I received a Lava Lite Colour Changing Lamp, bought off Ebay. Works by LEDs and what I think is a heating coil / element. There were no instructions as such, just basic details. It has a button on the front which I can press to change the lamps effects. I can either have colour changing, single colour or colour changing strobe, I think. Unfortunately it appears that it will only colour change 3 of the colours in a sequence, and not all the colours it could / can make. But I suppose my question regards the strobing feature, does anyone know of any easy way to make the strobe slower, its pretty fast to be honest, disco material! I've looked online and cannot find this lamp anywhere, so I'm guessing it's a prototype.

Many thanks


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I've never even heard or seen lava lite make color changing lamps, maybe it's a Chinese knock off? Post some pics, in sure we'd all like to see.

I was too impatient! When I was flicking through the switch, I thought I was switching it off, but it now is rotating through about 12 colours!! It's not going yet, but I'll post a picture of the box it came in, it's about 1 and a half times the height of a standard 14.5 inch lava lite. I have high hopes for this now!!

Thanks for the reply


Ps the file size of the original photo was 5.01MB, so it wouldn't send. I've had to shrink the picture, which I don't know much about, hope you can still see it! The box says, amongst other things,

New Patented Technology

You can change the colour of your lamp instantly

Choose from 15 color (sic) settings including constant on, color phasing, strobe like

And thats about it!!


Can you post some pics of the actual lamp? The base and the LEDs and heating element, that would be nice to see.

This must be a new thing they're coming out with, how tall is the lamp and what colors in the globe? I'm assuming it's like a clear/white so it changed colors with the LEDs. I wonder why lava lite doesn't ever announce stuff.

Have done. It's not going fully yet, although it's getting there. First picture, the lamp is top right, 14.5 inches, same as my other lava lites. Second picture shows the ring of LEDs and the heating element above. Third picture shows base button. I'm excited now!!



And yeah, clear fluid, white wax / goo.


I know Mathmos has the Smart Astro that runs color changing LEDs and heats with a heating element.  Pretty cool looking but sounds like there are some issues with the touch sensitive power panel, still want one though. 

Maybe Lava is trying to follow suit with their own version?  I heard from LL that they were working on Halogen/reflector options for existing lamps, I am wondering if there might be the possibility of some kind of ceramic adapter that heats up and has a ring of LEDs in the center to update our existing lamps IF these bulbs disappear from Lavas grip.

hmm interesting. I emailed Susan at lava lite to inquire about these. I asked her for some info and if these will be seen on bigger sizes in the future. It seems odd to me that they don't show that product anywhere on their website but lava lite is notorious for just releasing product with no announcement.

Thanks all, be interesting to see how it all pains out


pans, not pains!

That is a cool find, I am not seeing ANYTHING in terms of a Lava color changer/LED lamp! Mind if I ask what price you won it at?  Maybe Lava is disguising themselves within Ebay and trying to filter a couple lamps out, test market!

James Cotton said:

pans, not pains!

Not at all my friend, I got it for only £15, inc P & P, so I was very happy. However, it's been on now for a while, 4 hours, and there's not a great deal of movement going on. It keeps threatening to go, and threatening, but doesn't move. And bugger me, it's just blobbed, the first time I've seen it do that for a while. I'll attach a photo of it 4 hours on. It's the one on the top right in the first picture


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