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Lava Lite's New Website & The NEW Heritage Collection


The new Heritage Collection will be available to buy 10/28

**Updated the Heritage Collection will be released today on LavaLite Website at 10am CST. Heres a sneak peak!

*** http://lavalamp.com/heritage-collection ***

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I'm guessing those are 90s swirls. Swirls had many different effects and not all looked alike. I don't see them bringing those back since that paint effect would require more effort than I think they're willing to put in. Unless they just did a wrap, then maybe...

The old swirls all look different from each other due to the fact they were all hand painted. Today's LL would use that shrink wrap stuff and everything would look consistent.

So I guess that makes me both yours and Kirk's guinea pig, eh?  LOL    I'll try to come up with a really good pic so your wife can't resist!!   ;-))  (I hope)   You know me and pics..........UGH
Keith said:

Well I showed my wife the colors and she thinks the green would be better, not that she is in favor of getting one.  I guess I'll sit back and see what y'all think of them before we make a decision.

Marley's Ghost said:

Ah, Keith my friend, go for the neon GREEN.   I'm sure your lovely wife would want you to have it.  Tell her it's for Christmas!!!  ;-)     I had to make that horrible decision too, and my husband still don't know that one is on the way, or will be soon.   I only confessed the red Wizzie and copper Century......bad lib
Keith said:

Pink or Green, Pink or Green?  It's a Grande decision.  (If I can convince my wife) lol

I also think those are 90s swirls they just have sitting on the shelves there. I don't think they're gonna re make them but I also don't think I want then to remake the swirls. I would rather have the vintage ones with the beautiful finish than "new" swirls with shrink wrapped colors, that would just be a disgrace to the original 90s swirls.. Some things are good that they're back but if they're not gonna match the quality of that finish then they should just leave the swirls alone so that we remember them as what they were and not as cheap re-do's..

Any updates on the full flow pics, Dr. what?

Also I'm assuming nobody has gotten shipping confirmation yet either? I'm confused. LL delayed this line for 2 more weeks to "promote" we saw absolutely NO promoting. Now they release them, we all place tons of orders and they're not even ready to ship out within 48 hours?? What's the point of the delay, if with that extra time they're still not ready to ship. I mean there should be on boxes ready to go with ppl waiting to pack thn that same release day, in my opinion...
Someone has to be receiving their lamps by tomorrow. I know some of you got 2 day. Stop teasing us and show pictures!

I wish, Carlos.   I paid for 2 day, but haven't even gotten a shipping notice.  The "Ghost" is not a happy camper right now.  I'm hoping they will just show up today or tomorrow.   If not, I think a refund on shipping costs is in order.  

Seriously Marley! Wth! I sympathize for you who got priority shipping. I definitely would not be happy. Shit I'm not happy right now that hey haven't shipped any lamps out and I paid for the cheapest shipping. Makes me wonder what they were doing the 2 week delay that they were supposedly "planning". Doesn't look very organized and under control.
I agree with you 100% Rodrigo. Susan please ship already!

Thanks, Carlos!!!   The reason I bit the bullet and paid for 2 day was the temps were supposed to climb back up this week, before falling again this weekend.   I didn't want my new lamps shipped in hot weather and thought they'd get here before now.  Today, it is nearly 70 degrees right now, so will get hotter as the day goes on.  Hottest it's been in two weeks, so I'm worried.   I know Susan will take care of us though.   If my lamps come foggy, I'll definitely call her.  I've had enough problems with pure fog in lamps.   Check out my pics and look at that new Purple "Clearview" I got a couple of months ago.  UGH   I should have told Susan about that one.

The webpage states it can take 3-5 days to ship, so while I wouldn't find that acceptable for the next day/priority options, since I paid for regular shipping, I'm betting up to 5 days to ship and then transport.  While I want them now, I can wait a few weeks.  I also don't think I should have to pay for faster shipping speeds to get clear lamps, so it's a test of quality in a way as well.

3-5 days is simply unacceptable... They shouldve been ready to tape boxes shut, stick a label and have them picked up monday afternoon or yesterday.. After delaying two weeks they should ship on the spot, I guess i expected more from Lava Lite's logistics but seems like they're tripping over the power cords over there and cant get things moving and shipped. I wonder what their explanation would be if I call and ask why and how long will it process for, cuz its for damn sure it didnt take more than 5 minutes to pull the funds outta my bank.

Do you think that maybe they delayed two weeks because the stock was delayed from the factory? Manufacturing delays aren't really that uncommon. I agree that it's not really acceptable to take more than a day to ship an overnight or two-day order, but everyone seems to be assuming that LL is just twiddling their thumbs.

My best guess is that they delayed launching the line due to delays in getting the lamps to their warehouse, but eventually decided not to push back the launch any further to avoid people losing interest. Of course, if that's true, they should have also noted that orders won't ship immediately.

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