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Hey Guys,

Just joined here today and I can’t believe I haven’t found the site sooner! Well better late than never as they say!

I’ve been a fan of Mathmos lamps for as long as I can remember and have a very small collection, however as the title suggests I'm looking to add the penultimate lamp to my collection, a Mathmos Lunar! Sadly I have missed out on some really good examples on eBay recently as I just didn’t have the money, but I now have a little put aside :)

If anyone is thinking of selling one or knows someone who is then please get in touch and let me know. I am keeping an eye on eBay too. I am in the UK so only looking to buy within the UK and I would like to get one that’s been looked after and doesn’t have any dents or scratches. I’m not too bothered about the bottle colour, as long as it’s in good working condition then that’s the main thing.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m off to go and have a browse through the site and see what’s here!

Cheers guys
Dan :)

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You have 3 for sale? Hmm - Going to send you a message.
Wow! I didnt expect a reply that fast let alone to find one for sale. I am definately interested, are you able to PM me so we can talk? Do you mean you have 3 for sale or that you have 3 and the Violet/Reds for sale, maybe the Clear/White. Both look just as stunning, gimme a shout mate when you can. Cheers - Dan :)
Im definately intrested mate, whichever colour you decide to sell. Just let me know how much etc. :)
No need to apologise, we're all friends here :)
Lunars are a most desirable lamp but pretty hard to come by now especially in really good conditon.
Hey guys, well as most of you will know i now have a Lunar :) I know it sounds greedy but im still looking to get another as i'd love to have two of them! So if anyone is still selling one let me know! Also after a replacement nose cone if anyone has a spare in good nick. Cheers - Dan :)
Now that would be telling, all i'll say is I paid a fair price for it ;)
Which one on ebay?
Nah that wasnt me sadly, wish it had been cos that was an awesome bargain! That would have done me very nicely, a second Lunar and a replacement nose cone! It it was you Krisy that bought it do u wanna selll the spare nose cone m8 ?

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