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I'm looking for any help to try and salvage my yellow liquid/green wax Mathmos Jet.  I think I probably left it running for too lengthy a time and as such the liquid is now very cloudy and although the wax melts and occasionally some small bubbles fall back to the bottom there is certainly no normal movement.  I have searched through the forums but can't seem to find a definitive guide to tell me what I should do.  I have had the lamp from new approximately 12-15 years ago and as far as i'm aware these bottles cannot be replaced, I have heard it is possible to replace the liquid to try to salvage the bottle so I figured i'd ask the experts. ^^  Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Thanks for the swift reply. This is my lamp, sorry about the quality, had to rely on my mobile:

The base is all metal as you said and unfortunately there is no sticker with a date on the base, just the number 575665 on a sticker within the base section and the number 1949 stamped on the lid of the bottle section
Thanks once more, yeah i'll certainly be keeping an eye on a replacement from Ebay. I think considering the low cost to try and the fact my bottle can't be any worse than it is I will try the method explained in the molten meditation link, it seems simple enough. If successful i'll be sure to post some "after" pics!

On another note I've read in some other posts about the use of frosted bulbs being preferable to clear bulbs; The bulb in mine is a 40W clear, could this of led to the disintegration of this bottle and would a frosted bulb be better for my setup do you think?

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