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I am selling a Mathmos Lunar that is in very good condition.

It has no dents or major scratches.

If you look hard enough you can find some faint little scratches here and there but nothing major.

The worst is a small scratch/mark that appears on one side of the Lunar cone. ( see image )

The Mathmos Lunar is made of highly polished aluminum that has a shiny luster and almost a mirror like finish.

This Lunar has it's original UK wiring and 3 prong plug so you will need to use a power converter to run it in the USA unless you want to get it rewired.

The Lunar comes with one extra brand new 240V 100 Watt bulb.

Buyer gets to select 1 of 3 available Lunar bottles - 

Clear/Purple -  Custom Lunar lava bottle made by Mathmos back when they still made custom bottles upon request.

Violet/Red -  Violet liquid has faded to almost clear.

Glitterbaby - Custom Lunar glitter bottle made by Mathmos.

Shiny slow flowing glitter - very elegant looking.

Price - $975.00 + $100.00 shipping charge

Paypal only.

I will ship the Lunar using UPS.

The package will be fully insured against loss or damage.

Online tracking information will be made available.

I would like to keep this Lunar in the USA, however I am willing to ship it to Canada if Canadian buyer agrees to pay larger shipping cost.

I have uploaded many pictures of the Lunar which can be viewed online here -  


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

Thanks, James :)

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Just sent you a PM, James.  I'd like to buy your Lunar.  Thanks for making it available.

Wow, that was certainly quicker than expected......

Thanks Kirk!

Sometimes being a night owl can work to your advantage.  

The Lunar with clear/purple and Glitterbaby bottles has been sold to Kirk and will be shipped to him later Today.

If anyone here wants to purchase a Lunar and is upset about missing this sale - don't be.

I still have 7 Lunars and 13 bottles left and I will probably be selling 2 more Lunars by the end of this year to help finance a new Sony 85 inch tv that I really need. - lol

Glad to contribute to the mega screen tv fund, James.

I'm really excited to be adding a Lunar to my collection.  And a Glitterbaby bottle, too!

Wow you're getting a Lunar!!!... Exited for you too Kirk.

I guess you will be looking for an empty Lunar bottle for some of your stardust treatment next  :)

Look forward to some photos!

Kirk said:

Glad to contribute to the mega screen tv fund, James.

I'm really excited to be adding a Lunar to my collection.  And a Glitterbaby bottle, too!

Thanks, Pete!

The Lunar has been on my short list, and this is an unexpected surprise to get the chance to acquire one.  

That was fast! If you do decide to sell any more in the future, I'm quite certain you will have some customers.

Great acquisition for you, Kirk!!   (And for James's TV fund, LOL).   I'm very happy for you, bud!!!!   We'll want to see pics when you get it settled in your domain!

Congrads Kirk~!

Nice acquisition.

The Lunar has been launched!

Kirk will be receiving it this weekend.

Let me know when the next one becomes available

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