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Hi all,

I purchased a brand new Astro from Mathmos a couple of weeks ago, It is clear liquid and pink wax,  when it arrived it was very clear and I only run it for the said 6 hours per day (until my dimmer arrives) anyways I've noticed as every day goes by my lamp gets cloudier, This is when the lamp is cool, it does clear up after a couple of hours use but surely this shouldn't happen? I always thought Mathmos were the best so I'm quite worried and confused.


Also when the lamp arrived the polished aluminium base has some marks on it (not terrible however) and the globes have whiteish stains inside them (looks like wax) and it won't dissapear, the glass also has 2 scratches on it about a centimetre long. They aren't as excellent as I thought they would be, the flow is great though so I am happy about that. Should I contact Mathmos about the clouding issue as it seems to be getting worse every day.


Pics included below, Taken with and without flash, I will post another later when the lamp gets going.


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Johric said:

The clear liquid has been problematic for some time no idea why as the coloured liquid doesnt cloud.

As for the marks on the bottle and base they are down to the moulding of them a few scraatches all adds to the effect IMO

Thanks for your reply Johnric, I have had my lamp running since I posted this thread and is seems to be clearing up a lot better now, it's still a little hazy though so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed it goes back to it's crystal clear self once again, Every time I run it I worry that one day it may stay hazy.

My husband also said the same thing as you that scratches add to the effect and make it look vintage :-) I've just ordered a yellow/red combination lamp from Mathmos (my second Mathmos now) I also have a blue/red globe as well which is perfectly clear with no haze whatsoever, so I guess it's just one of those things then. Does anyone know if this is a permanent problem with haziness and could this get worse?

The cloudness should clear up after a number of runs but if its not then I wouldent hestate to return it to Mathmos while you can. - Hopefully its just a dodge lamp and the replacement should be better and if you say the reasons its being returned.

 Just checked the lamp about an hour ago and it's completely cleared up now, Had to turn it off though as these Astro's seem to overheat very quickly so I'm really looking forward to receiving my dimmer plug. I bet tomorrow it's cloudy again no doubt. I will definitely contact Mathmos if the issue continues as I am terrified of it staying cloudy. I think I have run it for about 10 or more times now and every time I turn it off, the following day it's cloudy.

It's good to know if the problem continues then I am covered, The lamp has run great today, a little hazy but cleared up no problem when running for a bit, Also just got my Yellow/Red Astro today and it's perfect! I was thinking of trying the 30w bulbs so I will try that soon as well.

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