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Whoo hoo!!  I'll add a pic when the Astro heats up.

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If you know the weight, size and such


Check PM/p>

kevin pedro said:

Is there a way I can get a quote before ordering? 

Claude J said:

Not a big deal to use forwardtome

I use them a couple times a year to get lamps from UK to USA

Excellent company with great communications

Pricing is reasonable at volume discount, Faster than ebay (1/2 the time),  and they will hold items for 30 days and allow you to combine multiple orders into one container if you so desire

P.S. Communications are excellent

Heya, looking Ace. I do love them.

It cost me just under US $114 to ship two sconces.  If you can afford it, buy a few and the shipping cost is reasonable.

Wow that high

I spent @$140 for 4 lamps to USA last time

I signed up just to thank the folks on this thread that shared how to get one of these sconces using forward2me. 

I actually have never owned a lava lamp before - but last year through some bargaining with my wife she granted me a room upstairs.  I have been designing it with a retro theme and considered adding a lava lamp.  When I came across the Neo Wall lamps on Mathmos' site (and wondered why I couldn't order one for the U.S.) I eventually became educated on why I couldn't get one here.  And to learn why I couldn't buy one just fueled my obsession for wanting it more!

So my purchase will arrive this week.  (Honestly, the package ships faster using forward2me then UK stores I've ordered from in the past that ship directly to the U.S.!)  I also think this can be fairly easily modded without using a voltage converter or reducing the value of the lamp.

First, according to the Mathmos site, it looks like it uses a 12v bulb that's readily available in the states, such as Home Depot:


From the online instructions, it looks like I plug in the power supply as pictured below...

So it looks like I just need to get a U.S. 12v 2.5 amp AC adaptor and connect it the female jack on the lamp's power cable - which I assume is either a 2.1mm or 2.5mm jack.  (I'll just need to determine which one it uses first.)

Then I'm all set!  Can't wait to see it light up for the first time!  :D


Some of the Mathmos novelty and NEO's work in 12VDC.

When you start collecting, you will find it easier to just buy ONE large 12V power supply (with the exception of wall sconces)

I use an old laptop power brick that puts out almost 6 amps and spider cables, 1 from he power brick to 8 out with extensions for power distribution to the novelty lamps


There are also Novelty lamps that come that use USB power adapters (220VAC to USB)

If you go this route, SHOP WISELY

DO NOT mix with Computer Components

Make sure the is a SEPARATE 120VAC to 5VDC power adapter is at least good for 4/6 amps / DC-30 watts


Same goes for the 220/120VAC converter for regular Mathmos lamps.

Buy at least a 1000 Watt converter and UK power Strips for distribution.



So my Neo Wall lamp arrived yesterday and my U.S. power supply came today (outputs 12v 2.5amp with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm tip like the original).  And... something's not right.

The bulb barely lights.  It's just a very faint intermittent flashing.

I've made sure the bulb is inserted firmly.  Checked the voltage output of the power supply to confirm it's 12 volts.  But the lamp is only drawing 2-3 watts power at the most.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Is it a bad power supply?  Bad bulb?  Both of these seem unlikely to me.  Something else?

It was the power adapter.  I noticed the original UK supply indicates it can accept 100-240v, and then I remembered I have a DVD player imported from the UK.  So I used the plug adapter for that player on the lamp's UK power supply, plugged it into the outlet, and it lit up as bright as the sun.

They look OK. I don't like the plug in chords hanging down the way they do.  Too noisy for my taste. I prefer chords that are out of sight - out of mind.  I would hide them inside the wall so you see no chords hanging.  Looks messy. 

that flat surface conduit works wonders.

Paint it the same color as the wall and it dissappears

The Lamp Caretaker said:

They look OK. I don't like the plug in chords hanging down the way they do.  Too noisy for my taste. I prefer chords that are out of sight - out of mind.  I would hide them inside the wall so you see no chords hanging.  Looks messy. 

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