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As has been rumoured for a while I think, Mathmos confirmed today on their Facebook page that new colourways are to be released across the range in the coming weeks, starting with yellow/pink now offered on the Neo

Will be interesting to see what else they come up with - dare we get excited?

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Sorry you are right, my mistake, however, i do believe it was discontinued at some stage only to be reintroduced for the heritage range. Both yellow orange and blue blue were introduced together both reformulated for the heritage line. I think this was around the 50th anniversary time. I have a brochure so i will check it out and get back to the blog. 

We can only hold on with baited breath to see what they release for the astro but going on this it will probably be something weve seen before. We can but hope.

Brochure from 2013. Shows no astro in blue blue for the chrome version or the heritage version. I knew there was a break from it somewhere. 

Hmm, was it still offered on the Astrobaby/ Telstar at that point? Must have been a pretty brief absence if indeed if was dropped from the whole line up.

No not on the astrobaby or telstar either. 

Do you remember when the blue blue wasnt even proper blue? Ive lost count how many variants of the blue blue ive got. 

My first 1996 astro blue blue was more blue pink

My 1998 astro blue blue was blue dark purple

More recently

The first 2012 re release was more of a blue turquoise and is really light.

And my last one i bought a few years ago is proper blue dark blue

And im sure I may have a blue red, that was also supposed to be a blue blue.

It seems every time i buy one its a different shade.

According to my mate at the factory it was only about 2002 that they finally were able to make a proper blue wax, before this it was frought with problems. 

Of all my favourites its the blue purple, because its the only time ive ever seen a decent purple wax from mathmos. 

The current blue blue is far too dark and moody for my liking. 

In the early 00s I got a Telstar in blue/blue in which the wax was more pink in hue, I ended up sending it back and getting it changed, which in hindsight I regret - the 'true blue' they sent as a replacement is rather dark and dreary, which has put me off that colourway.

I think the turquoise/ purple they offer on the Neo is much more vibrant - was sort of hoping that would make its way onto other lamps at some point.

I also wish Mathmos would do a proper purple wax, rather than that strange ditchwater 'plum' colour.

Astro in blue pink. Available now. Bottles not yet showing. 

The bottles are now available.

Again, this is not a new colourway. However, i do really like this one. It looks amazing in my telstar, one of my all time faves. Really looking forward to getting this one. 

I passed on the blue blue telstar but got the yellow pink. It looks like yellow black when cold and doesnt look that good. But lit looks yellow pink when just heating up but turns to boring yellow red when blobbing, disappointing really. 

If you are looking for a new red colourway for your neo, then yellow pink is the one to get as red red has been discontinued. 

So yeah now saving for my new blue pink astro bottle. Wish they would flip it for pink blue. Lets hope they release some more. 

I won't moan too much since I quite like this colourway (surprised they went with one that was once on the limited edition 'Pretty Green' Astro) but still wish they would introduce colour options that were actually new.

Do you think there will be a 'second wave' of introductions, or is it just one colourway per model?


Well if its across the range we have still got the fireflow, pod and the io lunar bottles to go. As for a second wave we can but hope. The range for the astro and telstar are still woefully thin on the ground. 

I dont know why they dont just ask the people by doing a poll or something. It would be nice if they would listen for once instead of just doing what they want. 

Strange company. 

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