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New to collecting and refurbing; NEED HELP, PLEASE.

Me and my kids have recent started collecting lamps this last year and have acquired around 30.  I would like to refurbish some of my 1970s Starlights.  Can anyone tell me if I can remove the old water and salvage the original wax? I have seen the goo kits for sale and directions on using them, but once I remove the cap can it be put back on or does it require a new cap.  Any and all advice would help....Thank you so much.

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I just went to the craft store this morning and bought corks for the 5 lamps I have refurbished.  Those are long gone.  

THANKS FOR THE WARNING!  Since I do not have a bottle topper, I will go back to what I had before.

I place foil over the top and mold it into place over the mouth of the globe and under the lip.  I snap the old cap into place over top of the foil and put foil over top of that.  I had that setup for a month on 2 bottles and they were fine, so I think that will work for me.

The caps on Lava brand lamps before the early 90's were all screw on caps.  They use an O-ring to complete the seal.  The caps can be reused with no problem unless they have been damaged (cracked, shattered).  The O-rings should be just fine also (I've never had one fail).  So as long as the cap is not broken, or is not broken while removing, it will be just fine to use again.

When i change only the water do i use distilled water or do I need to mix salt in the water?

Use distilled

Heat lamp

Then, when the lava is melted

Slowly add your buoyancy additive (Propylene glycol or Epson salt solution)

Add it a little at a time until the goo floats. 

FYI, Let 20 min elapse between adding so the fluid reaches temp

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