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just picked up a glitterball on ebay.

set it running, it form more than a dome - it actually starts to flow and.... freezes!

stands there like a statue - even 5 hours later - is it just a duff bottle?

the seller claims that it worked before they posted it and has offered to replace but even so - very strange - anyone experienced this?



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Throw a towel on it for a couple hours. I got a lamp that did this and after letting it get enough heat to start flowing it didnt need the towel anymore and could start flowing on its own. It seems some lamps need help getting started up after sitting for a very long time or other undetermined factors...
I don't actually know why it's like that but, ours does the same sometimes. It runs perfectly and every now and again it towers in a cucumber shape for hours on end and doesn't go to balls, no idea why. Have you tried turning it off and letting it cool down then trying again? Just a thought, might not help though. Sorry I'm not much help.
Although, having read the answer suggesting a towel, I'd go with that, sounds like a good idea. I will try that next time ours towers.
After turning it off for an hour and starting again it seems to be behaving after a fashion. I'll see what it does tomorrow
Try like Bohdan suggested, it looks like its running cool.

I dont know why I forgot to say this in my first post. You can try to put a 60 watt bulb in the lamp and when it starts flowing put a 40 watt bulb in it. I got a clear/purple today that is doing the same exact same thing in your picture, it had been sitting for years. After a couple hours it wouldnt flow and there were lots of white chunks in it. I put a 60 watt bulb in there and the white flakes melted into the wax and disappeared and the lamp started flowing properly and I put the 40 watt back in after about 30 minutes and now it works fine with a 40 watt.

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