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Was wondering why some of these swirls have the Lava name in nice cursive writing on the bases and some do not.  Does it make a difference?  Were they updated and that's why some have it and some do not?  Does this have anything to do with the value of the lamp?  One purple swirl up for grabs doesn't have it.  The one that does the seller states that it is "rare" to see this on the base.  Funny because the lamp that does not have it, is going for more money.......guys???

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All I know is that some do, and some don't. It's the same with silver streaks, midnights, and wizards and a few other models that I can't remember. I think it was just random, but I'm really not sure. I have seen both older and newer midnights without the cursive writing, and ones in the middle of the age group with it. Same for the silver streaks. It doesn't seem to be rare for them to have the stamp on them lol.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here but those with the Lava Lite logo are a bit older early 90's and somewhere along the way in the 90's Lava Lite stopped putting the logo on the outside of the base.  Probably a cost saving move, but cannot say for certain.  To me I prefer no logo as it muddies up the designs some, but others like the logo.  However, I'll buy a lamp with or without it.


Humm, ya know, I don't think I like it either, especially on the swirls.  Um, I know it's a lava for pete's sake, do I need the name on it?  I don't wear my name on my forehead, lol!!!  ok, just was wondering why I was seeing that and then not.  I knew you guys would know...

Interesting...I wondered why the swirl I just picked up at that antique mall had the Lava logo...I just assumed all the swirls had it.  Didn't realize it was more of a some did, some didn't kind of thing.

I know Jeff, I just scored a blue swirl on ebay 2 weeks ago and it doesn't have it.  Come to think of it Ian, I have seen a lot of Wizards that have it and some don't.  My Wizard doesn't have it and I'm glad.  I really don't like it on the Wizard base!!!

If I remember right it was a mid 90's thing so the early and late 90's didn't have the label.  The only base I think it looks good on is the silver streak.  It takes away from the colored bases.

I agree.....

Hmm I dunno...I kinda like the writing    I have it on my purple Swirl and a Wizard.

I love it on the midnights, silver streaks, aristocrats, and purple swirls. Idk if I like it on anything else really. I have both a midnight and a silve streak with the writing.

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