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Ive been having a bit of a back and forth discussion with myself on how to seal my grandes.   All my lamps i take the tops off i run them till there 125f or so and then put the screw caps back on or seal the bottle caps.   The grande though since they are bigger and thinner glass im not sure if i should do that or seal them when warm.

I sealed them at 125f and one of them when cooled back down to about 77f which is usually around what my bedroom temp is at it will almost suck the rubber stopper into the lamp the edge start lifting up which means there is alot of suction.  If i put the plunger on at 100f (between 80 and 120) once the lamp gets to 112-113f the plunger pops itself off  (note i havent put the metal cap on yet)  So i worry at 100f with the metal cap on itll build too much pressure if the lamp is at 125-130f..   But if i cap it at 125-130f when it cools down it has too much negative pressure it feels like due to the lips of the plunger lifting up from it being sucked into the bottle.

I dont want my grandes to explode or implode so what do you think is a good median to cap them at ? Currently i capped them at around 116f and put the metal cap on.  But meh i dunno why i keep worrying.  I doubt anything will happen.   But still.  Obviously we know claudes lamp exploded but that was also due to external force the lamps arent subjected too.  Do you think i should cap em cold.. hot or warm.. so lets say 80f, 115f or 130f.    I feel around the 110-115f range is best.   But what do i know.

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