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re: The Retro-Basic Formula / lamp water / proportions ?

hi- this formula indicates how much salt to use to start out but doesn't indicate to how much distilled water it's being added to- does anyone know how many parts salt to how many parts water?


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I did this one with salt, but told it would rust , wreak the coil in time
hi- thanks for the info and links- i think i screwed up my ooze trying to fix the water- it used to look more opaque and now it's kinda begun to look a bit translucent- and what keeps happening each time i attempt to make the water, the ooze rises to the top when hot and it seems that whatever i add to the lamp, salted water or soap, it can't get past the mass of ooze floating at the top- i can't seem to make the ooze settle down ...
ok ... patience is key ...

first the good new:
finally got it to cycle properly-
now the bad:
got some floaters, or whatever they're called
and very slightly cloudy water-

not bad for a first (nearly) fixed lamp-
it's one of those small ones ... from Walmart ...by LavaLite

i've got 3 more to go ...

but thanks for the guide!

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