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i treated myself to an AWESOME pink/white 52oz with the black base from Spencers!

my purple/pink that i got from eBay not too long ago that was cloudy i wasn't able to fix and so now the globe is empty and i was missing a 52oz so much that i had to go to my spencer's and pick one of these up because i fell in love with the one they had running in the store. i got incredibly lucky, i think, because this bad boy was clear as a bell and still is! the only thing i don't like is the INCREDIBLY long start up time; my purple/pink 52oz would start up really fast and have a lot more active flow, this one not so much. the purple/pink was a China, so i'm hoping maybe the flow on this one will improve with more runs. i seem to remember my 20 ozs getting better as i ran them more and more. 

and so now i'm stuck with an empty 52oz globe and a spray painted black base sooo i'm going to be finally doing a goo kit really soon. i can't decide between kitting a green/white or a blue/white!

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Your startup time should speed up after running it for a little while. I had long startup times on my Heritage Century lamps for the first few runs. A green/white would be cool, don't see that combo too often where you see blue/white more often. Nice new lamp!

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