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I won this lamp on eBay


Get it today and the base is all dented and pushed in and the bottle cap is cracked, luckily nothing leaked. This is why I fuckin hate buying off of ebay especially 52oz black screw caps.

I specifically told the seller how to ship it but no. I'm DONE NOW. This is was it.

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That is absolutely terrible. File a paypal claim. Send it back and get your money refunded. These POS shippers need to get out of the game. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to package a fragile item!
This ALWAYS happens with ONLY MIDNIGHT CENTURIES!!! Its like I'm not meant to have any :( But I emailed the seller. It's funny they always try to blame the post office, the post office is gonna handle a package the same way no matter what. It's his fault because he shipped it WRONG. I do plan on getting back my 60 bucks. It's funny he charged me exactly 20 to ship too. I'm so sick of this game, we pay all this money and we never can win. I work very hard for my money and I hate to see it wasted because of some jackass.
Make sure you tell paypal it's NOT AS DESCRIBED if the seller will not refund shipping. I have a feeling he will refund the cost of the item, but not shipping. I had this problem with a game I bought. Seller packed it like crap and it got damaged. Seller refused to refund my shipping charges as well. Filed a NOT AS DESCRIBED dispute and got all my money back.

No reason for poor packaging. I hate that crap.
Yes they did make black aristocrats from that time period, I don't know what they were called other than an aristocrat, but they did make black ones.
Hi 'baby, It would be cool, but unfortunatley LW isn't what it use to be so I don't look for that to happen. Would be cool though.
Thanks, Midnight Aristocrats and Midnight Centuries. Both were made in the mid 90s, I know the Silver Centuries came out in '95 and M. Centuries came out in '96.
maybe.......they just need to learn how to pack stuff...........it takes time and the proper packing materials to get a lamp to its new owners without damage............phil
Aw man this brings back bad memories about the time i got a CERAMIC lamp, and when it came in the mail it was broken to bits. What kind of dumbass (excuse my language) packages anything ceramic with newspaper?! Not even cardboard!! I did manage to repair about 90% of the lamp though, theres still a couple of cracks and holes though. Newspaper...Some people.....
Well the seller wrote back this is what he said:

Hey, Hate to say it but not my problem.
You need to talk to the post office.
now if you want to be nice maby I can help you out if you send the lamp back to me.
If not just take it up with E-Bay.
But they will tell you that its your fault for not paying for insurance on something that is fragile.
O and you need to learn how to talk to people!!

I just filed a Paypal claim that my item was not as described. I filed for a fully refund because this is ridiculous. Now can someone tell me what happens if he doesn't agree? Do I leave him negative feedback?
I always buy insurance that will cover the cost of the lamp and shipping. I've had 2 lamps broken in transit. 1 was packed beautifully and crushed by the postal service and one was packed crappy and broke due to the poor packing. In both cases postal insurance claims were filed and I got all my money back including shipping.
In both cases I notified the shipper of the broken items and took them to the post office for their verification.

Playing eBay is not brain surgery. Treating buyers and sellers with respect and playing by the known rules help keep me safe and happy in my eBay dealings.

buy from mandy and phil....we know how to pack lava lamps and charge correct shipping...plus i spent over 500.00 last year on bubble wrap alone....so we dont skimp on packing materials....what lamp was broken again...maybe we have one and can sell it to you................
It was a Midnight Century with Blue Liquid white lava, kind of rare though. I got it for $40. OH well he writes this today on the Paypal dispute.

I have been trying to resolve the issue with the customer. He is not willing to work with me and insisted the it was not packed good. I packed it fully in bobble wrap. I can't help it that the post office broke it. Also he did not pay for insurance on the lamp. Now if the lamp was broke in shipment and the buyer did not pay for shipping insurance is that really my fault?

I'm willing to work with him, it's funny how people will lie just so he doesn't have to loose his money. HE NEVER OFFERED SHIPPING INSURANCE!!!! You would think for $20 I would get it. God I hope I get every cent back from this jerk.

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