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What kind of lamp is called Hot Rock Lite?

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This is a hot rock.

Thank google not me lol.
Are Hot Rocks any good as far as flow ? How about how popular?
They flow great but some have lava that sticks to the sides. The lava has a cool transparent look to it that I really like. As for popularity I dont know.
23 colors?? Got a color list, Bohdan? I only ever saw yellow/purple and yellow/blue, the most popular colors these days, it seems.
I was interested because I found one at a garage sale for one dollar .Another question? Where do people find all the lamps they have? I found some at garage sales in the box ,silver streak no 22,25 for a couple bucks Also some Mids 05,02,03,21, etc People around here are afraid they are a fire risk.
I have not found a single lamp at a garage sale. Check your flea markets. There are a lot of flea markets that you will just see when driving through town and a lot of them do not come up in a google search for flea market. I have found a LOT of good stuff at flea markets and they usually go for $10-$15. You can also try hippie/stoner/head stores they sometimes carry them.

Online you can check out craigslist. I usually find my best deals on craigslist but lamps dont come up very often. I got 2 midnight starships with blue liquid and yellow lava for $10 each!!!

And finally you can try ebay. Ebay lamps usually go for a lot of money so you will have to watch for low priced buy it no lamps or auctions that end at weird hours.
Yeah most flea market finds arent in mint condition... I get most mint conditions from ebay and some from craigslist.

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