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Hey guys I am now working for habitat for humanity and this came in I believe it's a 90s style lava lamp made in U.S.  but the lid did not have the codes on it however it had a gold base and top.  What should be a reasonable price for this lamp?  It is Red lava with Yellow liquid.  

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That's a 32oz. Enchantress yellow/red. Cap code would have been 02. 

They aren't worth that much - Maybe $20 - $30. I'll see what others say though. 

Thank you was that a 90s lamp?

Yes, I believe so. 90s lamps had the bottlecap. If it was an 80s lamp, it would have had a screw top. Could be early 90s though since it has the gold base and top. 

Okay thank you I will put a $ 20 price tag on it and sell it at the store....I mean it might not be the most famous one but it is still a discontinued lamp.....Ya never know someone might buy it :P

I'd say it's worth that. If not a little more. Lava prices are all over the map anymore, so you never know. But $20 is definitely fair. Good luck with your sale! :)

That's a very reasonable price. It looks like it's in good condition, and probably works better than a new lamp.

Heck, I'd probably snatch it up if I saw it at a sale. 

It really depends on your local market. The collectors on this site value lamps much higher than what the average person in your store would value it, to many these lamps are old junk. In my area a 90's lamp usually will not move from an antique store if it is priced at more than $15, but online they can go for CRAZY money. A guy on here just posted that he wasnted the cap to an enchantress, he may be interested in the cap, it will be very easy to ship and you can probably still sell the lamp for not much less than you could complete.

Just a thought, $20 isn't a bad price considering at an antique store I was at today they had a standard midnight, used keep in mind, for wait for it...wait for it...$60

Jeffrey - I sent you a friend request. Am looking for an Enchantress top cap and globe. Please send me a private message to discuss this. Thanks.

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