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While googling around I discovered a quite impressing video showing
an unknown (new?) wave motion machine called "tube.one" at youtube,
which seems to be manufactured on order.

Following the yt-posted link I came over to the supplier´s site at
www.neoscop.net and learned that this device is made by a
German company.

I also live in Germany, about 250 kilometers from the vendors adress,
so it could be interesting to get in touch with those folks to grab
further facts & details about this machine. 

Is it equal to the German machine which I´ve found already mentioned
in several older posts? Couldn´t catch any working links from those old

Has anybody seen this unit in reality or any other further informations
about it?


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Holy cow that is incredible, but it looks like it would command a very high price tag.

wow, that looks awesome.  this is the first time i've seen the video.  agreed, jim - looks like it would cost a lot.  let us know if you get some info on pricing, frank.  thanks

Yea its not going to be the cheapest wave machine there is but then again what wave machine is cheap now. I think it will be a bit more or about the same price as you expect to pay for a average condition lava world wave machine.

It looks very German and its defiantly interesting and a different take on the older models.

They said in the video it will be released spring this year so I am guessing closer to the time a price will be given as well.

It would also be good to know if these are customisable or if the only option is blue.

Leave it up to the Germans to over-engineer something (I say that as a former VW owner). Looks sweet!

Couldn´t let my fingers of the keyboard to get more facts about this thing, resulting to this:


including a bunch of additional details.

Jep, this one is totally new and definitively NOT cheap! Looks like they´re aiming at the high-grade & luxury markets.
Ok, this might work if they reach those high & top earners, like it also does with watches & other premium stuff.

3.3k € is a lot of money, on the other hand this machine is most likely unique in the world and the best one ever made.
I´ve signaled my interest via their contact form, now looking forward to the response. Like my Breitling watch, which I´ve allowed myself years ago, this could be conceivable as an 'once in a lifetime' acquisition.

I´ll keep you informed about my dialouge with them.

$4500 is just a little too rich for my blood, but major props for an absolutely over the top wave machine design.

I knew it would be pricy but not that much, this is surley a one in a lifetime purchase for somthing like that unless you have lodes of money and spending over 4 grand on a wave machine is just short change.

This is cool!!

I´ve called the makers this week, catched further details and did a post about it
in the Wave Machine group, see here:

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