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Welcome to the chop shop! I originally was into customizing video game systems back in the day; making lights, cutting out shapes in the cases, and making lights move to sound within the game. Today, I would like to focus on fixing, repairing, and customizing lava lamps. I have been intrigued by the motion of goo inside of what looked like a bulging pop bottle (well it looked like it to me). I started this group in hopes to bring together the wisest of all in the fields of fixing, repairing, and customizing of the lava lamps. I hope this group endures the test of time and becomes as successful as it can be.

Thank you for joining and thank you oozing goo for being the coolest site around!

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Hey, Brian. This group will help alot with finding cures for lava illness and restoring lavas that has lost their liquid.

I have some experience in making China globes flow better and am working on making liquid for a lamp...but that one is another story.

Thank you for creating this group.

Thanks! Was looking though the groups and was like, "you know what? there isn't a group to help modify or fix" so I combined the two and here it is. btw I accidently hit something wrong when trying to accept your friend request so I sent out a friend request back.
Thank you. Got your request.

Thanks for letting my join. This looks like a cool group.

Look forward to learning more on how to fix Lava Lamps. I am new and dont know a lot about this.



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