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Model name:   Century

Model number: 100

Made by:   Lava Corporation

Years made:   1965-2001

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare):   3

Price (at time of sale):   $29.95

Bulb used: 40W A15 Appliance (120V)


Color combos available (lava / liquid):

  • Orange / Yellow (changed to Red / Yellow)
  • Red / Yellow
  • Green / Blue
  • Red / Clear
  • Red / Green (very rare)
  • Green / yellow (very rare)
  • Champagne Mist (very rare)
  • White / Blue
  • White / Pink
  • White / Orange
  • White / Red
  • White / Green
  • Purple / White
  • Purple / Clear
  • Blue / Clear
  • Red / Purple
  • Yellow / Purple
  • Yellow / Blue
  • Red / Blue


Per Jonas: The lamp itself is called the Century model, and was produced from 1965 until a bit after 2001, with a number of small variants. First-year models have no 'feet' on the plastic tray, no seam at the base's 'pinch', a copper finish, and a rotary switch ON the base. Mid-60s models have feet on the tray, a switch on the cord, and a seam in the base (with an inner shell attached to the top cone which slides out somewhat) and retain the coppery color. Early 70s models switch to a solid, but seamed, base and a brass color which often fades to silver. From the late 70s onward, a brass finish was used that did not fade. Starting in the mid 90s, black and satin silver versions were produced. The lamp is the 100 series; it only acquired the Century name and the model designation ion 1966 when more models were introduced, whereas in 1965 it was simply the Lava Lite (the ONLY Lava Lite).

Centuries were one of the first models Lava Lite sold. These lamps remained popular even until their discontinuation in 2003 when Lava Lite moved their manufacturing to China.

There are some rarer versions that are two piece bases, have a switch on the base, or have a satin copper finish. Centuries came in the following base/cap colors: copper satin (rare), gold, silver and black.


The earliest Century bases came in two pieces.


More photos of Centuries

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