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Does anyone have a pic of a 06 clear/red? How does it compare to a 10 clear/red? I read in a previous thread that the 06 is a pre 1993 color and available as a midnight. I have yet to see a pic of one besides the small pic on end of therainbows model number page.

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I have a new one. I will dig it out and take a pic. I have never run it and it was sold as new to me.
Nevermind. I just have a #10.
I would love to see a pic of any of these rare colors if anyone had one of them. Very Rare indeed.
Almost 9 months later and all I have found is a box with a picture of the elusive 06. Looks like its only found in a Princess base. What makes the 06, 07, and 11 so hard to find? Limited quantities, not a good seller, something? You know its rare if Bohdan doesnt have one! Does a peach even exist? I havent seen it on any lava box.

Forgot about the chocolate!! I'd like to find one of those too! Ahhh...the quest continues! I wish there was more information on the Aztec. I've seen clear/sungold and blue/sungold yet the model number for the clear one is 205. I wonder what 201,202,203,204 are?
Here's the deal:
Pre-1991-2, 06 was dark red/clear, the old 70s dark red, which was carried on in the Coach Lantern series. After that was discontinued, the Princess came out immediately. 06 was then officially "coral red", it's a lighter color. It was Princess only.
10 is standard red and is darker. It was used for all other clear/red (Midnight, Elec-Trick and 52oz.)

08 is lemon yellow and was sold with the Princess and Midnight.
11 is more bright yellow with no golden cast, paler and more "flat", and was sold with the Elec-Trick back when it was a seven-color, blacklight-base line.

The one OSOLAVA has can only be a faded white/blue, with the creamy wax cooked to golden as it can sometimes do. In 1991, the only colors of lava available in any size globe were coral red/clear 06 and lemon/clear 08 (Princess only), purple/clear 08, pink/pink 04 and orange/orange 05 (Midnight only), red/yellow 002, and white/blue 03.

Elec-Trick series with 10 red/clear, 11 yellow/clear, 12 dark green/clear, 13 dark blue/clear, 15 orange/clear and 16 black/clear (16 was also quickly, but not immediately, added to Midnight and Princess) hit the line in 1992.

No one seems to know what all colors the Rainbow came in. It was series 200, but the b/w ad only mentions 205, the Aztec, in metallic sparkly amber with "sun gold lava" in clear liquid. I've personally seen a pale green/clear in an Aztec base, and a sun gold globe in a metallic red base as well. The Rainbow is not in my mid-80s leaflet.

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