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Has anyone here ever seen an Empress or Princess vintage Lava Lamp wall sconce?

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Sorry I have not seen one. What dose it look like.

I have only ever seen them in the old Lava Lite ads, but they look like a cylindical lava lamp (I think they were called Capris?) mounted on a wooden plaque on the wall. There are pictures of the ads at http://lazylavalamp.viewbook.com/hippielightcom in pictures 11 and 13.

I would love to see some of these in real life!
Ok I went to that web site and look at the lamp you are talking about. This lamp look very interesting. Has any one seen this lamp on ebay.

Ok thanks. I am going to keep my eye out for one. I dont think I will bid on it if I see one I will let all know over here.

I've only personally encountered two Princesses, though I've seen a few more on eBay. One I've personally seen was the cup and globe attached to a homemade wooden backing, and I merged it with an incomplete Empress (the only Empress I've ever seen) The other is one of a pair owned by two local antiques dealers, into whose shop I've been going since I was a child - I finally convinced them to sell one (they bought them at auction in the 70s) That one is red/clear.

Both models consist of a cylindrical bottle and cap in a cylindrical base, like the Consort model, though the base is attached to a wooden plaque via one (for the Empress, two, one above the other) metal stem. Under the base is a rotary switch. The center of the wooden plaque has a recvtangular silver-colored plastic reflector with a very tight grid pattern. Unlike the Consort's brass metal, the Princess is silver - same for the Empress, a wall sconce version of a larger Consort-like table lamp, the Regency (I have seen a Regency reach the market)

I rank the Empress along with the Prayer Lites/Meditation Series, the Windsor Glitterlite, and the early versions of the Continental, as ultra-rare, having never seen one complete.

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