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I purchased what I think is a very old model 100 lamp at an auction last weekend.The light in the base works but the liquid in the globe is cloudy and the wax has no color at all.From a collecting stand point would the lamp be more collectable with the original globe untouched or can I find someone to recondition the globe?

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Well I got know but I would think it would be more collectable with the original globe.

Does it flow when heated? Use a 40-watt "appliance" bulb, leave it on for at least two hours, and don't move or shake it, ever, while the wax is "moldten". A Series 100 is a Century model. Tilt the globe and look up inside the cap to see a date sticker. Very common but also very classy model - and probably better with the vase as-is. Call the odd color and cloudiness "character" if it flows. My first vintage lamp was a Century with cloudy liquid the color of dirty pond water, and murky olive-green lava filled with air bubbles. It looks disgusting, but it flows and I like it.
Jonas.............Thanks for the info,I had no idea where to look for a date. The lamp is dated Nov 73,not as old as I thought it was judging by it's condition. I had it running for about 3 hours last night and got very little movement. It actually got much cloudier.None the less it's my first vintage and I will enjoy it for what it is. So far including the price of the new light bulb that I bought it is a $6.00 investment that I purchased at auction. I would like to purchase a replacement globe,can you please tell me what size I need to look for ? Thanks Joe
You can often find vintage lamps on ebay, and change out the globes if you desire. I have done it on occasion. Its a 52 ounce globe. Same globe fits both the aristocrat and century. Midnights, enchantresses, and silverstreaks, etc, have 32oz globes. Good luck.
If the liquid is clear(ish) I would be interested in purchasing your globe, should you chose to sell.

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