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I am a newbie here. And am hoping that perhaps the oozing goo community can provide some direction. well probably lots of direction and help! I am, initially, looking for a wave motion lamp (?). Not even sure if it is even a lamp. I will attempt to describe and am sure someone will know what it is. 12 to 14 inch long rectangular 'tube' that rocks back and forth, filled with 'water'; as it rocks it creates waves. Usually blue but in my search I have seen them with colored fluids. Lavalites.com. shows numerous discontinued models. Apparently Discovery.com has one but it appears to have a less than stellar reputation...leaks and makes annoying noises. Rare on ebay...yesterday my snipe got outsniped by another buyer. And that was the first time I have seen a 'wave machine' on ebay in quite awhile. The one on ebay had tiny dolphins in it. I would prefer it to be fish-free...ok mammal-free. Is there anyone here who can provide information on purchasing one these? Or anyone willing to part with one? Am a therapist and would like one for my office. Thanks!

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walmart....who would-a thunk! do you have any desire to part with your newly acquired purple one?
thank you!
i have a new green lava world one i think its new in the box.....30.00 plus shipping replys to mandysbus@yahoo.com

I don't know if this is waht your looking for but you might want to check it out. It even has a little man in the boat with a shark chasing him.
Hi Denny,

I remember those days too! They used to call them "Wave Machines". Most of them had sound.
I got one for Christmas about a year ago with sound. Th only thing about it, is that it doesn't have a
volume control.

They call them "Tidal Wave Machines" now, and some call them other names. But here are a couple links to where you can find some. They also call them "Tide Machines".

This is a place/site called Star Magic:


Here's some at Amazon:


That's about all I've been able to come up with. I checked the Walmart and Spencer's sites, but unfortunatley didn't find any at either place.
Hope this helps!

It didn't get discontinued until late 2008

Those wave machines were not discontinued until September 2008

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