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Hi there everyone! Well, thanks to AstroBaby, I was able to land a brand new Mathmos limited production Holiday Astro here in the States! It was big $$ as you can imagine, with the weak dollar etc. BUT, it was worth adding to the display. I took some fresh photos this evening and wanted to post for all to see. Hope you like it.

With best regards,

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Thanks Ant. I love it, and its SO BRIGHT ! Funny thing with this lamp is, when it is off and cool, the liquid is CLOUDY! It all goes very clear as you can see once it heats up!! I wish some of my other LAVAs would work like this.

Yes, the flow is wonderful, and I love the fact that there is very little if NO, liquid getting into the lava creating what looks like bubbles.

I keep it off to the side of my display (four glass shelves HIGH) on the 9' side board. It lights up the whole dinning room and would be too bright next to the dark colors of some of the Century lamps within the display. I will get some photos of my display up for you and the gang to see.

Thanks again for the video outside Mathmos. I especially like the evening vid. as there is no reflection.

Speaking of which, LOVE the `Crocks' you have on (O: I ware a pair around the house as `slippers' . We leave our street shoes at the door and off the fine floors and orientals here in the house...

Take care, stay in touch. And thanks too for the Mathmos connection!

Hi again Ant. Great! I love the coloured lamp you added. I wonder how I could get some of those here in the States?? How did you get the `brushed' aluminum base and cap? Mine has more of a polished look to it, so does my other Astro seen in the avatar.

ALSO, how do you get your photos to display with the text?? Mine as you see have to be opened by clicking on the provided file icon supplied by oozing goo. Let me know, as I would rather they are already opened for readers to see without extra mouse clicks.

Thanks....... Good on the Crocs also. Do others walk around town with them on too? I have never used mine outdoors.

Thanks Bohdan and Ant. I am into photography also. A bit of history on these shots? They were simply reduced in size, no cropping, no tripod. I have a Canon (400D) with the 17x85mm. `image steady' zoom lens which I just bought a couple months ago. Its wonderful and I wish I had it back when I went to England last year.

These photos were in the smallest resolution originally, so they didn't need too much reduction to show in the forum.

I decided to try the method for adding a photo using Ant's suggestion.

Here then are some photos of my Astro which was jambed into my suitcase ALONG with an AstroBaby bought for a friend too ! Talk about an OVER PACKED suitcase!!

The boxes stayed in tact and the Mathmos `sacks' remained perfect. (thanks to BA!) I LOVE that `tote' because you can only get one of those from the store and they are of heavy stock!! My buddy treasures his to this day.

Funny, after we shopped at the Mathmos store, I had these two black sacks to carry. We went to EVENSONG at St. Pauls right afterward. I wondered what people thought when I put them down either side of my chair during the service! Later, we walked through London, took photos of St. Paul's from the millennium `wheel', then back to the train station to Windsor. So, those lamps traveled rather far by FOOT, train AND air ((O:

Enjoy the photos - oh, I included the converter I found on the web. Works very well, now, all I need is a UK 3-way to power both lamps together...

Best regards,

Ant. Which Canon do you have now? Is it that point and shoot I saw in the Mathmos window reflection?? You would do well with the same model I have. The kit lens that comes with it is ok to use and a good starting point! I included that lovely night shot of downtown and St. Paul! I had both Mathmos lamps with me during this photo! Enjoy your touch of home after dark (O: I loved my visit there so much, I look forward to coming back, and if we do, WE should get together!!! Windsor Castle is calling AGAIN!


Nice photos of this latest Mathmos Astro. I love the clear white also. Think i'll pop onto the Website and try and get one myself!
Hello there Jerome, thanks for the comments on the photo/lamp. HA, lucky you, being in the UK, you can do this. For us poor Americans, its very expensive to own one. But, as you can see, I love the two I was lucky enough to land (O:

Let us know if you DO get one. Perhaps you could find out if they are STILL in production or not. Electric Planet says they only know about a limited run of 350 lamps (not the 300 I had heard about).

Take care,
PS. Is that one of your photos used as the Avatar ?
Hi Gary,

I just checked out the Mathmos website here in the UK and they still seem to be available. They are 50 quid here, about 100 Dollars.

My pic, sad to say isn't one I took myself but it is striking i'm sure you'll agree.

Take care

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