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Does anyone recognize the manufactirer of the following on ebay?:


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I noticed the same make of lamp on ebay a few weeks ago. I am not familiar with this manufacturer but thought someone from OG could idenify what they are and when were they made and sold? Just curious about these little fellas. Thanks.
Starlite Lamps, by Heat Tapes, Inc. of Chicago. The box says they also came as a "bubble lamp" (lava). There are two base variants: this wooden one, and one with a sloped top that's woodgrain metal. These are odd lamps, using MasterCrafters' oil liquid and aluminum leaf glitter, in what is very obviously a Consort bottle, giving yet another link between Lava Corp. and MasterCrafters, now through a third company! The pair above are amber - the glitter models were listed also in green (shown in Medicated Goo's post) plus red and blue. Whoever gets these should use as low wattage bulbs as they can find. They're beautiful in a dark room, and this pair would do an excellent job on a mantel, both ends of a dresser, or on nightstands.
Thanks Bro, you are like an encyclopedia of knowledge. Most impressive!
Thanks Jonas. I like the wood/metal/glass/glitter effect in what appears a small package. To me they look elegant, clean and interesting compared to other lamps. But the oil liquid and leaf glitter might scare me a bit as if they ever needed to be re-filled. I guess that might be tricky or not possible to even restore them (perhaps they never need fixed?).
Another variation of the Starlite base:
Fog Rider posted the third base style, which is almost a completely different lamp, with a different bottle too - though it isn't like a Florence Art bottle, either. Another possibly linked company was Florence Art Co., maker of many styles of lamps using this kind of oil-and-flake fill.

Go ahead and grab these, don't be shy! They're not like French or Italian solvent glitters, the glitter won't turn transparent and (though I have no evidence that the liquid is toxic or not) it doesn't have dangerous fumes. These won't need refilling. These have a very slow action, best in a dark or dimly-lit room.

If anyone EVER wants to refill a functional "oil glitter", be it Heat Tapes, Florence Art, MasterCrafters, Lava Corp. "Glitterlite", Crestworth slow-glitter, etc. PLEASE let me know - I want the liquid and glitter. I'll use it for refilling my own lamps, and I'll pay you a bit for sending it my way.
somebody could say with which I liquidate the glitter lamps thank you they are made

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