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Hello everyone! I'm new to the site but have read a lot of postings in this forum and they have helped a lot.

I have always wanted an #01 white/clear midnight. As you all know they are really hard to find. So I decided to create me own by swapping the liquid from a yellow/clear and a white/blue.

Both lamps functioned fine before the transfer. Now the clear/white just tends to sit as one giant ball in the center of the lamp and doesn't break up much.... snore. On the flip side, the byproduct (yellow/blue) lamp breaks up into tons of little blobs about a nickel in size.

Is there anyway I can get the lava to flow better?? Also, the white is more of a cream color and I would like to get it true white like a sheet of paper. Anyone have any experience with this?? Please help!

See attached pics.

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Thanks for the advice. I will transfer the liquid back to the original globes. Does the sun only bleach out the water or does it bleach out the wax too? And I assume by your post that you have tried turning a white/blue to a white/clear before and it doesn't turn out as good as the white/pink. Only asking cause it might be kinna hard to find that combo in a 32. Your white/clear looks awesome by the way. Even cooler between those two black/clear!!
These were the caps from the globe in question. They read 08-981 1 1106 and 03-950121 0126.
Never thought about the mixture being different like you said. Guess that's prolly the flow problem. One other thing, how do you do a complete transfer? How do you get the wax out without clouding the liquid?

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