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What did the last USA-made 52oz lamps sell for when they were new? I've been eyeing the clear/blue 52oz retired aristocrat on End of the Rainbow's site for weeks now, but feel that $50 + $15 shipping is a little steep. Am I wrong?


I did notice that "G2 Gifts" is selling a blue/yellow aristocrat for $40 or best offer on ebay... would I be a jerk to extend a $40 offer to End of the Rainbow? :P

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G2 Gifts on ebay will take $30 for the aristocrat. I offered $25 and they countered with $30. I didn't want to go $30 so passed on the offer.
I take it you don't think End of the Rainbow's is worth $50, then. Is clear/blue a rarer color than blue/yellow by any chance? I'd pay $30 for one, but I'm not interested in blue/yellow.
Interesting. From what I can tell, there is no model 1413 clear/blue midnight aristocrat listed on your attachments.
Not at all. End of the Rainbow is super as far as I can tell. Just wanted to let you know what the ebay seller would take on "make an offer" on the blue/yellow.

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