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Never seen one of these before, check it out!


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I have seen that one couple times before, is it legit, or is it a piece together?
It looks like a pieced together lamp. The power cord should come out the back, not the front, right??

I believe it's legit. I just got one myself to give as a Xmas gift. It arrived and definitely looks real.
these can be snapped together by using the multicolored jets that came out a few years ago, i have made several combos using these clip together parts,
Not so mathmos-tastic then : |
no not a released mathmos, im suprised as this ebay seller is usually a good one
The Controversial Rastman Lava Lamp

Thanks for the information Ant. I agree that this seller should say that he put it together custom, and that it is NOT a Mathmos release. But, It is a cool lamp and you still would get the fun out of it, especially if you were a rastafarian! As you know, some people just want a cool lava lamp and don't care about the collector's value.
More Jet wackiness !

Any Mathmos collectors with £200 burning a hole in their pocket ?
these are easy to knock together, as the multi color jets came in clip together format, ive made some good eye catching combos
It's just not been the same since the great Mathmos range depletion of 2002 :-(

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