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This swirl looks like the multi-color model, is this one more rare than the others? And I was also wondering if the Safari series is valuable. Here are the pics.

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Hmm, the photo I have looks much more blue than the haze lamps in your photo (and the owner of the one in my pic described it as a blue base). The swirl pattern is much finer than the blue swirls shown on End of the Rainbow's page, but is similar to the purple swirl there. It's all so confusing!

These could be great finds if the sellers still have them then, yeah?
*blink* *blink*

Your kidding me... the haze go for that much? I just passed one up on craigslist because I figured it wasn't worth a bunch...
Yes. i'll buy it from you if are planning on selling it
Aren't these going for awfully cheap then?

no, they aren't haze models as far as i can tell
i'm currently looking for haze lamps, let me know if you want to sell any

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