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White Mathmos Jet, clear liquid and white lava with bubbles :-(

Hi everybody, this is my first post on this site.
I own a beautiful white Mathmos Jet with clear liquid and white lava. I am very disappointed because the lava is full of bubbles and the liquid is a bit cloudy. I am trying to decloud it by turning it on every day for 6 hours. Has somebody already tried this? Will the process also eliminate the bubbles in the lava? Thanks for your answers.

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Hi Astrobaby,
Thanks for your answer. It is a white Jet I bought on ebay ... As I said before the liquid is a bit cloudy, but the worst thing is that the lava is FULL of bubbles... Is there something to do to improve the aspect of liquid and lava?
Thanks a lot for your answers! That gives me hope. I will try what you suggested and let you know what happens.
I have also a new white and clear Astro and I am looking for a white and clear Fluidium...

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