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I can't find the post but someone wanted to see if we could find lava lamps on tv, movies, print ads.
Just saw one.

ABC.com full episode player, 5/5/08 DWTS, first commerical break, Discover card, lava lamp next to the computer, dead center, 32z silver base/cap, yellow/orange, still caught mid flow, hazy.


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I am watching a movie called The Hard Way with Guy Pierce and Rachel Griffiths.

There is a character called Frank and when he returns to Sydney after the big heist of the track money he encounters two men. At this point I noticed a lava lamp in the background and said, "ohhh a lava lamp" and a moment later a fight broke out. Frank knocked one of the others down, picked up the lava lamp and killed the guy by stabbing him in the face with the pointy end. I had to post immediately.

A bit hokey and impossible to be sure, but I bet you have never seen another killed with a lava lamp before!

Good, clear flow to you all,


I need to see this move, Jeff!

Watching Tales From the Crypt Presents. Corey Feldman is the man with a white/blue Giant! Five minutes later a woman with three nipples showed up, great movie!

Lava and bonus nipples......cant really get any better than that!

I'm pretty sure there's a Lunar in Absolutely Fabulous. In the intro.

Tah Dah...!!!


Welcome to OG Naomi  :)

Naomi said:

I'm pretty sure there's a Lunar in Absolutely Fabulous. In the intro.

Yeah there is a Lunar in Ab fab. Also a copper Crestworth in Onslo's and Daisy's living room on Keeping up Appearances.

Netflix presents Keith Richards Under the Influence.

Right after the title shows Keith in a studio getting interviewed with a lava lamp flowing prominently over his shoulder.

Seeing one on the tube provokes an instant reflex to post it here.

Good, clear flow to you all...

Here is a picture of Hyacinth "The Bucket Lady" from Keeping Up Appearances with a nice Crestworth Astro.  In this shot she is in her sister Daisy's living room.  However, I'm pretty sure that the lamp would belong to Daisy's husband, Onslow, as he is one classy guy.  I just love this old show and the running gags all through the series crack me up every time.

The pic:


Capless China kicks off this Prince Innocence video...

I am watching DICE on Showtime. In episode 4, Dice is trying to sleep and at the 11 minute mark or so he is on the bed and holding a lava lamp on his lamp. It is flowing and he is staring at it.

Good, clear flow to you, my friends,


48 minutes and twelve seconds into the movie Tammy has three lava lamps on a shelf in the background. One is missing a cap.

Good, clear flow to you all,


East Bound and Down, Season Three, Episode Five

Kenny Powers has a blue and red lava lamp running beautifully in his kid's bedroom.

Good, clear flow to you all,


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