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What's happened to Goo chat? why is there a video of that cartoon there?

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Thanks Bohdan, at last someone sensible to talk to. This place seems to be getting like a forum for ranting and arguing by people with really bad grammar and appalling spelling. All very depressing!

I wish people would stick to the major issues (Goo, lava, glitter, nice lamps, problems, collecting etc).

B R I N G B A C K G O O C H A T !!!!
ya i have noticed that you can no longer post due to the youtube clip there. Please fix this Mark.
Where is Mark Goo? and what's happened to JohnUK. I hope they haven't left...
What's going on with this? Seems there are some broken things and nobody is fixing them? :(

Anyone out there..............................................................?
Sorry to hear of your terrible new Ant, I hope everything turns out well for your friend. Thanks for all your answers about Mark and John UK. Yes it's a real shame John seems to have left us for now. I really hope he comes back. He has so much to contribute to this site and makes it fun being here.

I hope Mark comes back too to fix the 'goochat'. I really miss that.

Take care guys

keep the love and the lava

Yes you are so right!!!!!!

Seriously, there are no admins here anymore? Lol. A ghost website! :)
Does feel kind of spooky and abandoned on Oozing Goo these days. Not easy to tell at a glance who's on line either.

Yeah, i'm getting the same right now Bohdan, very frustrating but at least it's not as bad as it was before with that darned video upload.
I thought I fixed it. No? How does it look now?
OK. There's a better system in the works.
Hang in there with me.
I'm going to close this thread (my feelings were hurt) ;-( and start a new one about the new Chat coming.



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