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Not sure what his deal is - he set me up with 4 new midnights in box for 150 shipped. Great price. However I paid him on the 3rd of this month and STILL do not have my lamps. Told me he would ship that monday - the 5th. Never did. Then the week of the 12th he said he would ship that monday, did not. Family issue. Then said he would ship tuesday. Did not. Then said he would ship on Friday. Did not. Got a tracking number in an email Friday and I checked that just now - package was not picked up until Monday the 19th and it is estimated that I won't get it until the 27th. A whole damn month waiting for lamps. Freaking absurd. I will never order from him again and I pray these arrive timely.

What is with people lying and not following through these days? I know if someone paid me 150 bux or any amount - I can't sleep until I know their item/package is in the mail. Usually NEXT DAY it's done unless something is up. Why can't people follow through?

This shit pisses me off. Sorry for the curse.

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I'm more homicidal than suicidal so the seller is the one that gets the dying inside thing happen to him not me!
Well, karma is a b*tch. I can only do and say so much on my end to the point it becomes futile. So far the package is in the state and should be delivered on Tuesday. If all is well, I will leave it at that and never deal with him again. I learned my lesson. I hope things turn out that way.

I don't understand why people find a need to make excuses, lie and always have some story to tell besides the truth. Why can't people just say hey - I screwed up - let me fix it. Refund shipping, send me another lamp free of charge, hell - something that shows me you are sincere. Apologies don't cut it anymore unless you were honest from the start. Then again, most people like that refund something from my experience.

Blah. This is why I hate people sometimes. Never can trust them.
I have purchased a lamp through them myself. It was an old purple swirl lava lamp which is great. However it too, took forever. The shipping on the lamp itself was $19.99 and you would really think at that price it would be shipped through at least USPS Priority Mail 2 - 3 day service. After a week of waiting to at least hear from them I sent an email asking if the lamp had shipped yet.....never got a response. 12 days after the purchase I received a shipping confirmation through the DHL automatic shipping confirmation service with the tracking #. I went to the DHL web-site and plugged in the dimensions of the box and weight and they paid $8.25 to ship my lamp and took 5 days in transit just to get to me. Come on??????? $19.99 for shipping? That's very close to the cost of shipping a 25lb Grande lava lamp. Its hard to find good service and honesty these days.
Yup. It is a joke. I was told my shipping for 4 LL's that I bought was 30.00. I have not taken the time to calculate that, but DHL ground from what I know - is cheap. Would have been cheaper to go USPS priority at half the price.

Nearly all eBay sellers are now using Parcel Post. Parcel Post is the WORST shipping option EVER! Slow as hell and terrible. I will pay the extra 5 bux for priority. Problem is, a lot of cheap bastards don't want to spend money on shipping so they use pp. Then they complain it takes so long. No thanks. The crap with packaging it up, sending it out, driving, standing in line to send it, etc etc.. is a lie. WHO HERE stands in line to send a package anymore??? Anyone? NOT I! I print my labels/postage out online, stick the sumbitch on the box and put it out for pickup on the side porch. The end. WOW - so much work - so much gas - SO MUCH HANDLING!

People are thieves today. Period. When I sell stuff - I send it USPS Priority ONLY. No exceptions. Never Parcel Post. UPS and FedEX are never cheaper - very rarely. If a customer wants a specific carrier - they can choose that one with the note that they will be paying the costs associated with it. I never charge a handling fee or packing fee. Ever.
I don't mind a seller charging a reasonable handling/packing fee but do mind when the handling fee is as much or more as the actually shipping cost. (I live rural and do have to go to the post office, FedEx or UPS to send an item.)
When a selller is overcharging on shipping I just plain do not bid on the lamp or whatever the item is.
I know up front they're scamming off the shipping.

The 4 lamps I've gotten in that were perfectly clear when shipped but cloudy when delivered were all shipped parcel post as well as the only lamp that was broken in shipment.

I no longer accept any parcel post shipping options and never ever a DSL shipping option. I ask before I bid if the seller will ship priority mail or FedEx/UPS. If they won't I don't buy.

Well, sorry to say - this guy should not be in business. I get screwed over - YET AGAIN by ebay!

I get my package in today. All the lamps are used - in what appears to be - whatever boxes he had on hand. YEAH! Used lamps - even though he told me they were NEW!!!!! I paid for new. Ok - I look at them and check them out. Well, looks like he got 3 out of the 4 colors right. I got blue, red and green. What's this.. a pink? It's suppose to be black! Ok. Moving on.. I see that most of the bases are dented and dinged! Gotta love crap.

I hate this BS. I hate liars and stuff like this really pisses me off to no end. I think I am going to give up on the whole lava lamp collecting thing. At the rate I am going, wasting time and pissing away good money only to be screwed over - I can be doing other things.

Maybe I will get this fixed - maybe I won't. I can't even find a phone number for this guy.
I have met so many good people buying lava lamps on eBay that I would not let this guy get under my skin. He is a speed bump on the highway of shit. I get unsolicited email from people I have met purchasing their lamps - they are not trying to sell me anything just checkin up on little old me because they are good people. You will learn who you can trust and who scum is by making many purchases on eBay just by checking their profiles. Unfortunately life is like this, the sharks are out there ready to bite when they smell blood. But overall at least with these lava lamps most folks I have dealt with are straight up. You take some lumps and learn from the lumps but never give up because some scum bag hosed you. You come back with a vengeance because this hobby is too important and cool to become disenchanted by some bad deals. You will become smarter and a better judge just be patient and realize the old saying that when it sounds like the deal is too good to be true it usually is. Hang in there and don’t give it up, it is too much fun and there are way more good people doing this than not!
Thanks. It just frustrates me. I sent him an email and he has not sent anything back. I just don't get it. I could have used that money on other lamps and if I was good, I MIGHT have gotten at least 3 more lamps with it. Lamps with bases that were not dented!

When did the base design change on these lamps? I have one he sent that seems just the slightest difference than the others. It also says it was made in china. I thought these guys were USA made? Or was that just the globes?
How about a bunch of us write the seller, let him know we are members of a internet lava site, (do not mention oozgoo as the complaints are not "official"), and are fully aware of what he has done to several of our members including one who has a current problem.

Let him know his rep is crap with a big bunch of collectors.

It won't help those that were screwed in the recent past but could help Kris with his current problem.

Let me know if others are interested and Kris, if you think it might help.

I am up to try anything at this point. I think if the seller sees he is going to be missing out - he might fix or change his ways. I don't know.

All I know at this point is - I have not received a reply from him and if/when I ever do - I am sure it will contain some sort of excuse.

I just want the problem resolved.

Thanks for all the support.
He finally replied back with this-

Please note these are not used. I can ship new bases and a black bottle. There was no need to dispute with paypal. At least you should have waited for my reply before disputing.

Should I ship you 3 new bases or do you want to ship the 4 lamps back and I will refund you the full amount and shipping cost?

Please advise.

I sent him an email with the following info-

From my last email – these are not new. Maybe one of them is – the globe anyway. Other than that, how do you account for the bottle tops being all scratched up? They can only get like that when they are on display with their caps on. The bases are dented on 3 of them. One of the bases is not even the same as the others. Lastly, what’s with the boxes not matching what I received? You told me NEW and in the box. That’s why I was happy to pay you.

These are pieced together with whatever you find and then stuffed in a box. If you were up front when I asked you the first time I would not be upset. However, on top of all this – the order isn’t even right!

If these are not used – why am I going through this?

Initially I was going to return them and get a full refund. However – I won’t do that to you because I am a nice person. Here is what I ask. I ask that you send me my black lamp – clear/black – in full – base, globe and cap, along with 3 replacement bases for the ones I have that are dented. I would also like a refund on shipping from you, $30 dollars from what I recall you telling me it was. I can provide pictures of the bases for you – no problem. I can also send back the bases and the wrong lamp to you at your cost as well or not. Your choice.

If you are not up for this arrangement, let me know and I will pack them all up and return them after I receive a refund from you and the funds to cover the shipping cost. I am an honest and trust worthy seller/buyer so no worries there. You can see my profile on ebay. The dispute on paypal is normal. I do that for any instance of an issue when it comes to buying and selling.

Please let me know what you decide.


I think I was more than fair? What do you all think?
Maybe athakur got the message. Or perhaps he has been reading the OG Discussions - jerkoff......

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