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Thought i'd start a discussion about what you consider to be your ultimate lava/glitter/fibre bargain. Whether it be at a garage/car boot sale, on Ebay or something found at an old junk store let us know and make us jealous perhaps.

Mathmos Space Projector - Ebay buy it now $10.00/£5.00 anyone?? Snapped up a month or two back.

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I have not had much Lava buying experience, lol (we all know why, lol )

I got a white jet, red/ blue for £10

A blue glitterball astrobaby for £35 inc postage, Still waiting for it to arrive ;o)
My greatest bargain would probably be my Midnight Red Century I got off of Craigslist for $5 last year. Definitely a steal... ;)
Pretty awesome stuff Ant. A wave for 99p. Truly a bargain!
Nice one Luce, yes some good bargains there, especially the Galaxy fibre for £17!! Amazing! Your Astrobaby glitterball is pretty amazing too, i'd love one of those.
Cool guys, keep those bargains a comin'

Now that is serious bargainage!!
One of my French glitter lamps cost 1 euro on eBay. I was the only bidder.
Ouch! for the seller but good for you. It's got a good home now!
Thanks for the link. Reminds me of an early lava lite/simplex base, Saturna/Aladdin
I picked up an ultra clean Black Squiggle for $45. The lamp needs some work but the base and cap are pristine...
That it does. I actually felt bad for the seller, too. I won 2 lamps from them. One was 34 euros and the other was 1 euro. At least they made something on one of them. They were very nice and packed them great.
Cool, we know you can sniff out a bargain Arne!

Well done dude!

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