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Hey guys

I just bought a new-ish Telstar (rocket) which has an aluminium (or aluminum) base.

It is quite marked, bit scratchy but thats not what bothers me, it's the cloudy-ness of the metal.

Can I use some regular household products to bring back the shine? as I don't really want to fork out on expensive purpose made aluminium cleaning products.



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Hi Ant

thanks for that, yeah it is the fins I want to clean.

I dont know how early it is, the liquid is clear, so it's not one you can buy new now.

The fins clip on, so shouldn't be a problem.

I'll post a vid once it's all nice and shiney!

peace to you too.

I got some Silvo, worked a treat! :)
thats an interesting look, and certainly beats the hell out of pits and scratches!
Nice one!

I wouldn't say that the telstar fins are good by any means, but a vast improvement, and at least there is some shine to them now.
you're a mine of information!

will do, thanks muchly!
Autosol FTW!

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