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A friend of mine recently dropped my 90's Astro lamp - have tried restoring it but I think it's done for!

I really want to replace it but Mathmos don't do the colour anymore - it's clear liquid and the wax was purply blue, but also (from memory) a bit pinky - actually I think it used to start pinky and then go more purply...

Does anyone know where I might get this colour again?

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Just to add to this - I have kind of got my broken lamp working again following the method posted on this site - the water's still a bit cloudy and the wax is a bit lumpy (I think i put too much of the magnesium sulphate solution in) - however there is still a big lump of wax at the top of the lamp that doesn't seem to do anything. Also the wax is now pink and doesn't change colour - whereas previously it was purple, although I think it used to have pinky tones and then get more purply as it got hotter.....
can anyone offer any insight into this?
Arne, was just wondering where you got this 5 litres of clear solution?
I bought some too off e-bay, but it's a homemade mix of water, soap and salts, not the perc solution that would originally come in the bottles.
Yeah I've been looking on ebay and can't see a purple clear colour scheme. But that's a really great idea to buy a purple lamp with blue liquid and replace the water. And how kind of you to offer to buy such an astro and do it for me - thank you so much. That's definitely an option - I'd be really interested to see how your purple/blue Astro turns out after you've replaced the water with clear water.
Please do post the pictures!
Best wishes,
You could just fade the liquid colour out
Leave it somewhere that's in direct sunlight for a few months, a windowsill or something

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