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As posted in a previous thread, I am trying to "play" with my lava lamps. I found some time ago a picture of a yellow liquid with a green wax that I found really "radioactive".

I tried to lint a mathmos with a clear liquid with some yellow food coloring agent but ended with something far away from what I could want. I looked on the web about coloring stuff with minor luck.

Do you know any way to produce a liquid with this kind of yellow? (not the one of mathmos more like curry (yellow orangeish)

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Of course you noticed that the picture you attached was taken before a white background and then the background around the lamp was changed to black. This changes the effect dramatically. Still it's a regular yellow/green. If you look through the user galleries on this site you might find some other pictures of that color-combo.

To color the "water" of a lava lamp I absolutely favor PrinterCartridge Inks. But I doubt it'll be possible to create a yellow of the "radioactive" (neon? fluorescent?) quality you desire.
Before using Inkjet Printer Inks I used the core of felt-tip pens, simply washed the ink out into the lava-lamp. Maybe if you use a neon-marker you'll get the kind of yellow you want?

But by all means, Try it in a bottle of water first!!!! Don't ruin your lamp with my UNTESTED idea!!!
Thank you both for your replies, they gave me directions I didn't have!
I will try some mix of them with food coloring too and see what will happen. Again thank you!

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