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Just saw a Mathmos Astro "Austin Powers Edition" being offered on ebay.de (290239257194) and couldn't help but wonder:

Is there any way to tell if those "Promo Lamps", that pop up once in a while, are real?

I feel it's all too easy to print something on the lampbase or attach a sticker or decal to it.... yknow

Any thoughts?

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Don't get me wrong, Tom. I'm not doubting your honesty nor that of your auction...
I just wonder if there's a sort of "knowledge base" for such Promo Items.
Wouldn't it be nice to know for certain which collectibles are out there, and which are "questionable" to say the least.... ?
Or how about the urban (yet persistent) legend that the whíte fluidiums were especially manufactured as set decoration for Minority Report?

And playing The Devils Advocate for a second: "Heck, I'm not even totally convinced on the famous Crestworth's "Butterscotch" Wax..." ;-) ;-D
I have seen the following.....
Camel - 32ozers with sticker and 52ozers with cut outs
Microsoft - 32 ozers with sticker
Heineken - 32ozers Heineken painted on
That 70's Show - sticker
Ebay - sticker

I know there are more but I cant think of them all now. Most were special edition lamps which LavaWorld did many of at the time, I think the minimun run was 100 lamps and they would put what ever you wanted on it. Most were not sold to the public, Camel lamps could be bought with " Camel Points " from the cigarettes, Heineken lamps were promos for liquor stores, Microsoft and Ebay lamps were given to employees, 70's Show lamps given to cast and crew members.


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