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My 52 oz. lamp forms a column from the base to the surface with the top clinging to the upper fluid level. Appears to me to be a 'surface tension' issue of some sort. You can see within the column the rising and dropping of the lava, but never forms the lava 'globs'. The lamp is a few years old and has worked fine in the past until recently. There is no fluid loss/evaporation as I can tell.

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Thanx... I'll give it a try. Jeff
Hey good luck with the lamp, oh and welcome to Oozing Goo by the way.

Some people prefer the 'column' look to their lava lamp flow but others like lots of globules. My Silver Crestworth Astro lamp does both depending on how long i've had it switched on. It has a mind of its own that lamp.

Takes all sorts I guess!


I am curious if there  is an 'optimum' working temperature recommended for the lamps.  May be a dumb thought, but it there is... an someone knows it... you can get those adhesive type thermometer 'strips for fish tanks @ your local pet shop.  The dimmer sounds like a good idea, and my Mom actually has a straight column lamp with an inline dimmer.  Maybe I'll pick one up.

I would change out about half of the liquid and see what effect that has. If there is no change then you have a bad lava issue. Note, lava does wear out over time. I have collected several Century 52 oz lamps and a couple have had worn out or bad lava.These I did a "gookit" job on and now they work fine. If you don't want to open the globe then I would try using the dimmer to fine tune the heat level in the globe.That might do the trick for you! Best of Luck...may the goo be with you!

Thanx Tom... where do I get new fluid, other than buying lamps... and where do I get instructions on the 'gookit', purchase, etc.?

You can buy a Gookit from Magma Tower on ebay. It's expensive but you get everything you need including new lava if you end up needing some. The liquid is roughly 90% distilled water which you can find in your local super market in the bottled water section. It costs about $1 per gallon. With new fluid you will need to balance out the density to make the lava rise. The two additives are pure salt(non-iodized) and surfactant(dish wash soap, ie. Dawn). If you buy a gookit, you will receive a bottle of surfactant with it. Surfactant is merely a surface tension agent. It causes the lava to move and stretch and merge better.

thanx a bunch!!!!

Happy to help Jeff.

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