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Just bought another jet lamp off eBay.In the description and pictures it stated that the liquid was crystal clear, but on receiving it today.The liquid is quite cloudy.This is the first that i have received via post with this problem, and i was wondering can the liquid become cludy during transit via Royal Mail.It does sound logical but just wanted to check?

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Your right forum members, this doesn't need to drag on.As i previously mentioned,please view my initial topic, there is no suggestion of slagging anyone off, i was seeking advice nothing more, up until two other members of this forum replied on my post stating they had had problems with this seller.It was at this point that i contacted the seller, to which i posted the reply on this forum(maybe a mistake)
In relation to the statement that i took this action because the seller was female, could not be further from the truth.In fact i find that statement quite pathetic(no offence lucy).Agreed i did put negative feedback, and i did reply quoting"threatening emails ""eBayer out on a day release" well if you think that, i better live up to your expectation??" but this was done after the seller put those exact words in the replied feedback", it's there for all to see.I havn't replied to this thread to justify myself,and certainly this thread will become a slanging match.I don't think the forum was designed for that?



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