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Just saw this on e-bay!! Another Flooksta special!!

Glitterball Jet!!!

Do you think this is an original????

I don't!!!


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Regardless it's a gorgeous lamp!
hi, im new here so forgive my comments but i would not believe this guy flooksta if he told me my own name :o) i have had words with this idiot on ebay over a lamp i was bidding on well cut it short he's a nasty piece of work and should not be on ebay!!!! oh i think its a fake :o)
Thanks for the heads up on a lousy ebay seller. Important info to share.
i still can't get over his auctions for dodgy european lamps that usually end with 'bottle may be a crestworth'.

con artist :(
Wouldn't buy off of Flooky. Why can't he just admit, they're all custom jobs/re-fills?
Still bitter John.Poor luv
posts like this should not cause any trouble its warning good lava fans that this flookster is a not so much a con man but he tells porkys, i have had run ins with this guy on ebay in the end i had to block his emails and report him to AOL then ebay got involved due to the threats he was sending within the ebay messages, plus he told me how much of a sad bastard (sorry it had to be said) i was and all the other lava brigade out there should bury their heads in the sand as they all think they know it all if it blobs, i wont say any more of what he said but he got a warning from ebay and AOL, i know this from ebay as he got so nasty they contacted me by phone for more details of the threats in emails within my AOL email account i needed to send ebay copies, how often do ebay bother to help but they did with this guy he very nearly lost his ebay account! so if you ask flookster any questions about his items and your questioning the items authenticity expect aggro!!!!!
have you seen the latest comments he added to the item in question this shows him for what he is! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MATHMOS-JET-LAVA-LAMP-SILVER-GLITTERBALL-TYPE...
lol it says mathmos in the title line, but he's saying he hasn't actually said it's a genuine mathmos product!

was the bit about the 'trade in' there before he edited the listing?
no one's slagging anyone off. if people are listing dodgy or dishonest listings on ebay, it's not like it's mean to say they are...
This is a case of 'Buyer Beware'
thanks for appreciating that!

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